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Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLO’s) are individuals who have been appointed within a large business federal prime contractor to assist small businesses interested in working with their company as a subcontractor to provide the federal government with products and services.  It is also the responsibility of the SBLO to ensure that the large business prime contractor maintains compliance with all contractual Federal small business subcontracting requirements.

SBLO2GO provides a full suite of services to small and midsize businesses interested in either growing their business as subcontractors to large prime contractors within the Federal Market space or remaining compliant with existing contractual federal small business subcontracting requirements.

SBLO2GO was founded by former SBLO’s possessing over 15 years of experience for the purpose of:

1) Assisting small businesses with strategies designed to improve subcontracting opportunities with large prime contractors.

2) Saving time and energy spent by mid-size (mid-tier) federal contractors seeking to remain compliant with contractual small business subcontracting requirements.